Leopard and plainsgame:

The possibility of hunting Leopard and Plains game still exists in the southern part of Zimbabwe, the Mwenezi area. The hunting concession belong to Nuanetsi Ranch P/L  - it already belongs to the Government and there are no farm invasions or settlers on this property.

The hunting area is called Mbizi Section and it comprises of 50 000ha . The southern part of this area has the Mwenezi River as its southern boundary. This is a supreme area to hunt Bushbuck, Nyala, Waterbuck and Kudu. Bushpigs are also found in this riverine bush, browsing on the Mlala palm seeds.

In the well wooded Mopane and Acacia Woodland there are also an abundance of Eland, Wildebees, Giraffe, Impala, Warthogs and Zebras.

All African cats are found in this area and it include Leopard, Cheetah, Caracal, Civet Cat, Caracal, Serval Cat. Jackal are also found here and Duiker and Steenbuck.


Guests are accommodated in an old farmhouse on Mbizi Section, in the middle of the bush  and this contributes to the feeling of being in the wilderness of Africa.

A generator provides 220V elecricity.


Hunting in such an unspoilt part of Africa will leave you with an experience that will last a lifetime. One is driven around in an open Landcruiser and stalking is the best way to hunt animals here.

Hunting here differs vastly from hunting other ranch areas because of the size of this area, with game moving freely to and from the Mwenezi River.

We have been operating on this section of Nuanetsi Ranch for the past 11 years –

So let our experience be your advantage and your trophies will always be the reminder of your exciting hunting days.


Big Game Hunting

Hunting Big Game can be organised in the Kariba area, Zambesi Valley and Matetsi. Hunting days vary from a short 5 day Buffalo hunt to 14 to 18 days for Elephant or Lion.


Sightseeing Tours can also be arranged to enable you to visit all the Tourist destinations of Zimbabwe with a Professional Guide before or after your hunt.  Hwange National park is still one of the Game Parks in Africa that offer 30 000 elephant compared to Kruger Parks 15 000 head of elephants

So - we really can offer a magnificents Photographic and Hunting safari !


Dhumukwa Safaris originally operated mainly in Zimbabwe, with the hunting camp in Mwenezi - the south eastern part of Zimbabwe. In Mwenezi area it is 36 000 ha of an abundance of Plains Game - it is an unspoilt unfenced natural habitat for all game left there - a natural sancuary

The same applies for all BIG GAME areas - the size of it is huge - and it is unfenced areas where game move freely hunting expertise must really be put to the test in order to conduct a successful hunt for the BIG elephant, lion or even buffalo.

It is incomparable to South African hunting areas - theirs are 10 000 ha - GAME FENCED and then they offer the BIG Five to hunt in that smaller area !!!

Most Big Game safari Operators have been succesfully operating throughout the last 3 years of polotical turmoil ! The selling point is - We do not hunt on Private Farm Land - but only on Concession Areas that belong to Government already and there are NO problems whatsoever. Clients do not have to worry about shortages of fuel etc. The hunters can organise all of that in order to offer a wonderful african experience to the visitors.

Hunting in Zimbabwe :

1. The original hunting area, Mbizi Section on Nuanetsi Ranch in Mwenezi has not been influenced by the farm invasions and we still offer one of the best Leopard and plains game hunts there.
It is an open area of 36 000ha with an abundance of Eland,Kudu, Blue wildebeest, Zebra, Impala, Warthogs, Bushpigs, Bushbuck. Other species that are also on this concession available for hunting are Nyala, Duiker, Steenbuck, Jackal and all cats.

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